Burden Of Grief - My Beauty's Embrace

Burden Of Grief - My Beauty's Embrace

Длина песни: 05:20

Размещено: 2016-11-14

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Текст песни:

My guest for the gods
Began while my beauty
Was taken away from the earth
And my heart is fulfilled with grave poetry
Screams haunt my sleep
Every night the same nighares appear
Although the wine of Bacchus
Drugs my brain at night

The moon is shining over the grave
When the mistress of the dead appears in my mind
While it seems that the devil, the dark lord
Is getting me tonight

Always I see (feel) my beauty's face
With tears in her eyes and I feel the icy kiss
On my lips, at the last breath
Comes out of her mouth
The poisoned wine on her breasts
Her dead lips on mine

Before the grave I fall on my knees
And the stormy sky embraces my body
Rain fevours my face
While I see the glittering blade in my hand
Dark angels whisper haunting requiems
As I feel the cold blade strinking my body
I think my nighares wouldn't end
I'm beaten, I'm close to death

Pain - punish me if you can
Where is the god I searched for
For seconds I scream in pain
But together we will clung in bloody heaven

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