EXO - Black Pearl Acoustic english cover by Silv3rT3ar

EXO - Black Pearl (Acoustic english cover by Silv3rT3ar)

Длина песни: 02:04

Размещено: 2016-12-03

Дата релиза: 426

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Текст песни:

Don't need a map to guide me
My heart will find the way to go
Don't care how long it takes me
No matter what, i'll fight through everyfoe
My heart beats just for you there is no
Moment that i'd forget you
If only your shadow was on the distant
Horizon above the sea

*I... Raise my sail for the long quest...
Riding the wind with no rest,
Let the raging sea become quite and calm

Flowers bloom in the night,
Moonlight makes the sea white
In this secret place
You're my beautiful black pearl(x2)

Видео клип (Acoustic English Version) EXO - Black Pearl | Elise (Silv3rT3ar)
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