Silence - There Is No Place Like Home

Silence - There Is No Place Like Home

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Размещено: 2016-10-09

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A city filled with fakes and fucks.
Disease abundant and guilt non-existent.
The only feeling I have for this place,
the pure hatred that runs through my fucking veins.

Where is your originality? The lack to think with your own head.
I am the closest thing to a "God", in a church full of followers.

Even without grounds to what I preach, you rely off my every word.
You're a waste. Your reality is based off my every word.
Feasting off others ideas was never such an understatement.
My Goals have been set and will be completed.

Open your mind, your originality is gone. Open your eyes, there is no place like home.
There is no fucking place like home.

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